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There are two types of people in our society, the first one is that they want to invest their money to get higher returns. And the peoples in the second category need money to start or scale their businesses and they need microfinancing. Tell you that there is a mobile application through which both types of people can get the benefit.

Welcome again to my blog, In this article, I am going to tell you about an app that gives daily interest on your savings.

So, this app is a 12 percent club that is powered by Bharatpe and most of you definitely heard the name bharatpe. So I will give you a detailed 12 percent club reviews in this article.

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What is 12 Percent Club:

In this 12 percent club reviews, I will teach you how you can earn money from money.

12 percent club is a very good initiative. This app works on the concept that if you invest money you will get interest of up to 12% on your savings.

On the other hand, if you want to borrow money for a short duration you will get a loan at 12% interest. Also, you don’t need to go to the bank or relatives for asking for money. 12 percent club provide loan at 12% yearly interest. It becomes 1% of the monthly interest.

Let me tell you, more than 1 Million investors trust the 12 percent club. And, your investment is going to be from RBI-approved NBFC.

The very good thing about this app is that it gives daily interest. There is no bank that provides interest on a daily basis. And you can easily withdraw it directly to your bank account.

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How to Invest in the 12 Percent Club:

Download the app and create your profile on it. Complete your KYC and after setting up you will seeAdd Moneyoption on the main dashboard.

Step 1: Click on Add Money

Step 2: Select the amount which you need to invest.


Step 3: Select Payment Method

You can select an amount from 1000 to 9,99,000 per transaction. Also, you can do payments through UPI, net banking, Debit cards, and other payment methods.

Understand with Example:

For example, you invest 5,00,000 in this app

12% of 5 Lacks = 60,000 Yearly

60,000/ 12 Months = 5,000 Monthly


5,000/30 Days of Month = 166.66 INR Interest Daily

The Interest you will get on your investment is calculated according to Simple Interest and not by Compound.

Who is the Owner of 12 Percent Club:

The 12 percent club app is owned by the well-known company BharatPe. And Suhail Sameer is the CEO of the BharatPe. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in New Delhi.

Referral Program:

Also, you can earn through the referral program of this app. Suppose, if your friend or relative signs up from your referral link and invests money then you will get 10% of the interest he earns from his investment.

Suppose, you are earning 10000 per month, then you are not going to spend all your money in a single day. So, you can add this money to the 12 percent club, and when you want you can withdraw it. In this way, your daily earnings will start.

Earning 12% on investment without any headache is really awesome. You can add your extra money and can earn passive income. Because no bank will give you such returns on your investments on daily basis.

How to Withdraw Money:

To withdraw money from this app you need to click on the “Withdraw” option which is shown on the main dashboard.

Then enter the amount that you want to withdraw. And your request will be accepted.

Your withdrawal request will be processed and money will be sent to your linked bank account with a 12 percent app within the next 48 hours.

How to Contact Support:

The interface of this app is very clean and easy to understand. The process of Money adding to withdrawal is also easy. But still, if you face any issue regarding the 12 percent club, you can contact their email address and they will call or reply to your email to solve the issue.

You can email[email protected]to contact with 12 percent club team.

12 Percent Club Reviews:

A lot of people are using this 12 percent club and they like the working model and concept of this app. One of the things about this app that is like the investors most is that they get interested on daily basis and they can withdraw it anytime.

But still, you should invest in this app at your own risk. Till now there is no loss or any problem with this app. Hope this app continues like this and no problem comes.

So, these are the 12 percent club reviews from internet users.

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