Josh Skills App Review

Hello friends, welcome to my new blog article. Today’s topic of the article is very important for those who want to learn and speak in English. Lots of people have questions that they are fluent in reading and writing English but not fluent in speaking. So, we will discuss your every dought regarding English speaking.

Today I am going to discuss about an application by using this app regularly you can improve your English in 2-3 months. You will see a lot of difference in yourself. But the condition is that you need to practice this app daily for a minimum of 1 hour for 3 months.

This app is the Josh Skills app powered by Josh Skills Academy. In this article, I am going to provide you complete guide to josh skills app review. If you daily practice Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills then no one can stop you from learning English.

The most important thing that I like about this app is everything is preplanned on this app. You only need to follow the preformatted study plan which is made by Josh Skills Academy.

In this study plan, the app will make you practice Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, and Speaking. You will get daily words and paragraphs which you need to read so to improve your reading. Also, you need to submit your homework here.

This platform allows you to talk to your practice partner anytime and anywhere. The practices are anonymous and you both don’t know each other. So you can talk and practice English without hesitation.

How to get Josh Skills app:

The Josh Skills app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After downloading, you need to create your account with your email ID and password.

Once you log in, you will see different study plans for different English proficiency levels. There are plans for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level students. You need to take a placement test first. Based on your test score, you will be assigned a study plan.

Learning Plan:

The standard study plan is for 3 months. But you can extend it up to 6 months also. I would recommend you take the 3-month standard plan because it covers all aspects of English proficiency.

The Josh Skills Academy has designed the curriculum in such a way that your English improves step by step. All 4 skills Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking are covered.

The most important part is speaking practice. You will be connected with another student of a similar level randomly. Both of you get some questions or topics. You have to talk for 2-3 minutes on those.

Josh Skills App Review:

I have been using the Josh Skills app regularly for the last 2 months. initially, I was in a beginner-level study plan. Now after 2 months, my proficiency has improved and I have been moved to the Intermediate level.

In just 2 months, I can see significant improvement in my vocabulary, grammar, and speaking fluency. I can understand English movies and songs much better now. My confidence level in speaking has gone up.

Personal POV:

So if you are serious about learning English, I would highly recommend using the Josh Skills app. It provides a structured curriculum and daily practice plan that is the key to learning any new skill.

The step-by-step teaching methodology ensures that you build a strong foundation. The app tracks your progress and identifies weak areas. I never felt bored because every day I get new content.

Compared to traditional classroom learning, the Josh Skills app is more convenient, affordable, and flexible. You can learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace. The interactive user interface makes learning fun and engaging.

Can I get a Certificate on the Josh Skills App:

They also provide a certificate when you complete your study plans. This helps if you need certification for job or study visa purposes. The support team is also very helpful in case you need any assistance.

Overall, I would rate the Josh Skills app 5/5 for helping me improve my English skills. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning and speaking fluent English. With regular use of this app, you will surely see positive results within a few months.


So get the Josh Skills app today and start your journey towards English fluency. It provides the right content, practice, and motivation required to master a new language. Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it useful. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on the Josh Skills app and I’ll be happy to answer.

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