100% Working Tips, This Makes Your PC Faster.

As you know, when we buy a new laptop/computer it works very fast and smoothly. But as time passes the system becomes slow and sometimes it hangs. Students and working proffesionals usually as question that how to make my pc fast. So, in this article, we will discuss reasons that slow down the system and How you can make your pc fast.

By following these steps you can make your pc fast free of cost. There are some things that you need to pay attention to.

1] Startup Programs:

how to make my pc fast
Startup Program

As you use your computer, you install various software on it. There are some programs which start automatically when we start the computer. 

Such as Antivirus, Internet Speed Meter, and many other things which always run in the background. Such things slow down your computer. 

Without doing anything these programs start and they consume space on your computer memory. Some of them also consume your internet data. Because of this, you also face the problem of running out of internet data quickly.

To overcome this problem, you need to Disable these programs and services. This will make your computer faster. Keep in mind, disable only those programs & services that you know about and are less important for you.

Don’t disable or manual system services otherwise your computer becomes unstable. 

2] Remove This Software:

Remove Unwanted Software
Remove Unwanted Software

There is some software in our system that we rarely use. Here, I suggest you remove such software which you have not used even once for the last 1 month.

You can do the same thing with your android smartphone. The application that you have not used for many days means that you do not need it.

When you need any application or software you can simply download it from the internet. Nowadays the internet is almost available everywhere. 

Also, you should not full your C drive. Keep enough space in C drive.

3] Virus Alert:

Keep Antivirus On
Keep Antivirus On

Sometimes the reason for slowing down your system can be viruses and malware. When we download crack files or visit any suspicious website then viruses can appear along with it. 

This makes pc slow and most of the users face this problem. For this, you can use any free or paid antivirus. There are lots of free antivirus software but if you do important tasks on your computer such as office projects, banking related then you should always go with Paid Antivirus.

If your system configuration is low then you can install any antivirus, scan & clean your computer, after that even if you uninstalled the antivirus, there is no problem. But I do not recommend this method.

4] Adjust Your PC:

You can adjust your PC according to Visual and Performance wise. 

Step 1: Go to properties of My Computer.

Step 2: Click on System Protection.

Step 3: Go to Advanced. Then you will see this window. Click on Setting.

System Properties
System Properties
Performance Option
Performance Option

From this Performance Options window, you can adjust your system for the best visual or best performance.

When you adjust your pc for best performance, it will show less animation and colors on windows. At the same time, it will increase your computer speed.

5] Power Plan:

Choose Power Plan for your System
Choose Power Plan

There are three options in Laptop/Desktop.

> Balanced – Automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware.

> High Performance – In this mode, you will get the best performance but it may use more energy. 

> Power Saver – Saves energy by reducing your computer’s performance where possible.

From the above three plans, You should use High Performance if electricity is connected to your Laptop/Desktop. If not you can use Power Saver or Balanced mode.

6] Keep Your PC Updated: 

Update Software and Operating System Regularly
Update Software Regularly

You should update your Software and Operating System from time to time. I recommend you, use always the Genuine Windows operating system.

Don’t use a pirated copy of Widows and crack software, it will slow down your PC.

Most people use 64-bit Operating System on a 32-bit system. And they use new windows OS on the old system or vice versa. You should never do that.

7] Master Tip:

System Formatting
System Formatting

If your pc is still working slow it means you need to format your computer/laptop. Yes, you need to format it.

Back up your important files and data. Then format your all the system. 

After formatting install fresh Windows and Drivers. This time, install only the software which you need. This is the 100% working tip. You should try this step at the last.

So, follow these steps and you can make your pc fast. If you like this article share it with your friends, also share it with the one who always searches for pc speed increasing tips.

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