12 Tips For Personality Development: Magnetic Personality

Welcome to my new blog article, In this article, I am going to tell you 12 tips for personality development. Actually, I have covered 12 Myths or Mistakes that you should never do. These 12 mistakes can never make your personality attractive. So, let’s get started…

Tips For Personality Development:

1] Belief That I Have Succeeded:

tips for personality development
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> When someone thinks that I have got success, I have got great success.

> Strong Desire To Claim Credit For Every Small Success.

> He takes credit for whatever good happens. And they show off their income and property.

If you also do these mistakes, Leave aside the magnetic personality, people will not even like to talk to you.This is one reason that will put people off you.

2] Winning Too Much, Criticising The Source Of Feedback:

> When you win more times, then many people do not digest this thing too. People think you are smarter and avoid talking to you.

> Don’t get angry with the person who tells you your mistake. In such a situation people will want to be away from you.

3] Starting The Conversation With ‘No’ or ‘But’.

> When you talk to someone using such words as ‘no’ or ‘but’, puts a negative impact on the person in front.

> It has a negative meaning that ‘I am right, you are wrong.

4] Playing My Own Favorite:

> Imposing my own standard while judging and rating other people.

> “Go my way”

“Do as I said”

“Do as much as told”

“You don’t know how to do this”

If you also speak like this to others, then leave it today. Due to this, you seem arrogant to the person in front.

5] Finding Opportunities To Tell How Smart I Am:

Telling How Smart I Am
Telling How Smart I Am

> Habit of going to those places where you are Glorified.

> You like to go where you are appreciated. So, be careful about this. To maintain a good relationship with others, it is necessary to praise them a little bit.

6] Desire To Be Served Than To Serve:

> Instead of serving others think that who will serve me and

Instead of praising others, who will praise me…

Expect someone to receive something rather than give it…

Being interested in yourself instead of being interested in others…

If you do this, people will not like you at all.

7] Starting Conversation Of Correction Without Invitation:

> ‘Let me explain why that won’t work. This is a dangerous statement.

> It is a very bad habit to demotivate others, by speaking negatively before starting some work. Leave it today.

8] Forgetfulness Of Thanks Or Due Recognition:

> Failing to express gratitude, and failing to say thank you for small things is not a good habit.

> Say Thank You lovingly to all those who have helped you, and be polite to everyone, by doing this people will always remember you.

9] Making excuses to sideline one’s own mistake:

> Make excuses every time, refusing to admit that I am wrong.

> Blaming everyone but one own self. By doing this we ruin our own brand.

> I will give you a simple task.

When you go in front of people, you have to find out what they would think after seeing you.

10] Ignoring To Listen What Was Most Needed To Listen:

Become a Good Listener
Good Listener

> If you are not ready to listen to people, and you are crossing the sentences of the person in front. And completing the sentence when others are trying to speak. Then this is bad communication.

> Trying to hide the truth that you must hear.

11] Building Strong Perception About Your Employees:

“I know what they want”

“I know what they know”

“I hate their selfishness”

“I can always get someone else”

> If you also think like this about your employees, then you are doing absolutely wrong.

> Whatever your company is today is only because of your employees. Keep one thing in mind, the way you treat your employees, they will do the same thing for you.

12] Adding Two Cents Of Value To Every Discussion:

> Do not give your opinion on everything unless someone has told you.

> Listen to people, recognize what they talk about, and acknowledge them with the words such as Wow, Very Good, Is it? etc.

> If the feeling of the other person matches your feeling, then he will consider you as his best friend.

So, these are the 12 Tips for Personality Development. If you follow and practice these tips, definitely you will become a magnetic personality. If you have any other tips for personality development, let me know in the comment box.

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