Tips for an Online Interview: Impress Interviewer

In today’s pandemic situations, many interviews are conducted through online meetings. So that the method of giving interviews has changed a lot now. In this article, I will tell you the Top 10 Tips for an Online Interview.

Most people are not familiar with online interviews and they make small mistakes. You must have faced many offline interviews till now, but in the future, most of the meetings and interviews will be conducted online way. So, you must know these 10 online interview tips.

These 10 tips will help you to face your interview confidently and to get your dream job. Before starting any interview check these 10 things

10 Online Interview Tips:-

1] Good Internet Connection:

Tips for an Online Interview
Online Interview Tips

The first and very important point is you must have a good internet connection. As internet is the medium between you and the interviewer. If possible connect to wifi, broadband, or a good internet service provider.

I have seen many people who face slow internet connection issues. Sometimes there is no problem with your internet connection but for this, you have to sit where good internet signals are available. Read all 10 online interview tips. Let’s move toward the next point.

2] Check the Battery Backup of Your Device:

The battery is the second most important factor for any kind of online work. If power fails there should not be any problem. So, check the batteries of your mobile, laptop, or any device that you use for the interview.

You should not get in trouble because of the low battery. Also, you can reconnect with the interviewer but your time will waste, and your confidence will drop. So, be careful about that.

3] Be Familiar With The Meeting Software:

Many job seekers are in the range of 35 to 50 years. And they didn’t use such online meeting software in their life till now. So, they must be familiar with online meeting software such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

There is a huge difference between giving interviews online and offline. To become familiar with this software, You can take mock sessions with your friends and family. This will make you comfortable, calm, and relaxed while giving an interview.

You must focus on speaking, you should not get diverted and put all your energy into looking at the software.

4] Sit In a Quiet Place:

Sit in a quiet place
Sit in a quiet place

We usually attend interviews from our home and we have family members there. So, sit in a quiet place and no one should disturb you. This is a professional talk and in this, you explain your point to the interviewer.

Let me tell you one more thing, When you are sitting in front of the camera there is no one who is behind in the frame of the camera.

There are too many people who make the same mistake in interviews

5] Dress Properly:

Dress properly during an interview even though you are at your home. Do not come casually in front of the camera. Such as on T-shirts or other home-use clothes. I recommend you wear a suit for interviews. The general rule is to wearbusiness professional attire.

You must have a proper haircut. Trim your beard properly and cut your nails. This gives the message to the interviewer. Remember, dressing is very important for interviews and professional meetings.

6] Good Microphone:

All your interview depends on 80% audio and 20% video. For that, your audio must be crispy and clear. Use a good-quality microphone for clear audio.

Invest some money in such devices instead of unreasonable expenses. Buy a good quality microphone, taste it, talk to your friends and be familiar with the product. Also, you can make your voice more smooth by setting the equalizer properly. Audio is also the most important factor.

7] Do Not Move During Interview:


You are at home and you might feel to change your sitting place during the interview. And many people do this. But let me tell you this is a very common mistake students do while an interview is on.

As you are sitting at home, don’t drink coffee or eat anything while the interview or meeting is on. This gives a very bad impression to the person in front. That you are not taking this interview seriously.

8] Get Ready Early:

It is better to start your laptop/computer 15 minutes before the interview or meeting time. Keeping the HR waiting gives a bad impression. It is an unprofessional thing. The interviewer observes your punctuality when you join the meeting on time.

9] Look At The Camera:

Look at the camera while speaking during an interview or meeting. People make small mistakes, most people are not familiar with the camera. When the meeting is on they look at the screen. This does not make proper eye contact with the person on the laptop screen. You need to look at the camera.

When you are speaking look at the camera and when the interviewer speaks then look at the screen. You need to maintain eye-to-eye contact. The person feels you are talking to him.

10] Smile:

Growmore Tips
Try to Smile

Last and the most important point. Start your interview with a smile and appropriate greetings. Giving a smile to the interviewer makes you relax. These small things affect your interview.

Remember, you will don’t get a second chance to make the First Impression.

Though these 10 tips may sound very common that they need to do and it is very important. We definitely make mistakes in small things. And the interviewer easily catches these small mistakes in our behavior. So follow these 10 tips for an online interview and be natural.

In my upcoming articles, I will tell you How to answer interview questions, How to introduce yourself. I will make a detailed article on interview tips.

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