Most Useful Software for Laptop

Hello Friends, generally we use many types of software on our Laptops. Some of them are for Photo Editing, Browsing, Video Playing, etc. But today I am going to tell you 10 useful software which everyone should install on a new Computer/Laptop. 

List of 10 Most Useful Software for Laptop:

Most Useful Software for Laptop
List of Software

1] Google Chrome:

A web browser is very important for Internet Surfing on Laptop. There are many free web browsers on the internet. But we should always use a fast, safe, and secure web browser for our Laptops. Some people don’t like Microsoft Edge or any other software. So, you can install Google Chrome on your pc. Chrome is a product of Google so it has high security. There are all the features in Chrome that you need in daily life. You can install Mozilla Firefox which is also a good web browser. 

2] Cloud Storage:

Your PC hard disc, memory card, or any other storage device may corrupt anytime. So, you need to store your important files on any Cloud Storage. I am not talking about personal data here. Your project files and important notes should always store on Cloud Storage. You can use this software on your pc.

  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • etc.

3] Music Streaming Software:

There should be Music Streaming Software on your pc in which you can play music according to your Mood. Nowadays, people use Saavan, Spotify, and Gaana apps for music playing and there are very few people who play the song by downloading them from the internet. 

Taking songs from the internet is very time-consuming so it is necessary to install any Music software according to your choice. 

4] Office Apps:

Sometimes we suddenly have to do office work for this situation we need to install Office apps. This means Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Microsoft Office Suite is best for any type of office work. If you can not afford MS Office and don’t want to use cracked software. 

Then you can use office suits that are totally free of cost. These are-

  • WPS Office
  • Open Office
  • Libre Office

These are the alternatives to Microsoft Office Suite. If you want to do typing work or want to see the presentation, you can do so with this software.

5] Image Editor:

I am not forcing you to install Photoshop here and everyone can’t use Photoshop. So, you can use 

  • Photosacpe
  • Canva
  • etc.

This software is free, also you can use any other free software. You must have an image editor on your device for adding some effects to pictures, resizing, crop images, and many other things. 

6] Antivirus:


Most people think that antivirus is not important for their Pc/Laptop. But, let me tell you Antivirus protects your computer against Malware, Ransomware attacks. Over the last few days, the cases of virus attacks are increasing. 

You can use any free antivirus on your computer. But if you need Extra Protection then you need to go for Premium antivirus. You can purchase an antivirus from online or offline stores.

7] VLC Media Player:

The VLC media player is going on in the market for a long time. It is a very good media player which should every computer user install. Also, it is free of cost. 

You can play videos, music, etc with the help of this media player. It doesn’t require much space on your pc as it is lightweight. It is already installed on many computers.

8] File Compression:

Sometimes we need to compress any file, at that time there should be a file compression tool on our pc. There are many good file compression tools that are free. 

  • WinRAR
  • 7Zip

You can also buy a premium tool according to your choice.

9] Clipboard Manager:

Clipboard Manager is a very good tool. With the help of this software, you can copy multiple texts at one time and can paste them anywhere by selecting which you need to paste.

Clipboard Manager is very useful in E-mail typing, Making college projects, or PowerPoint presentations.

10] Password Generator/Manager:

A password manager helps you to create a unique password and store your password without sharing it with anyone. This software helps you to remember your password. You can use any good password manager of your choice which is safe and secure. 

If you can create your own password and remember it then it is not compulsory to use such software. Let me tell you, you can create a strong password by adding Capital & Small letters, Symbols, and Numbers to it.

So, these are the 10 most useful software for laptop that every computer/laptop user should install. I will post an article on some Advance software that you should use on your pc. 

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