Top 6 Ways: How to Promote Sales on Amazon

Not getting orders on Amazon after product listing? Don’t worry. In this article, I will tell you some very important factors to consider so that you will get clear idea of how to promote sales on amazon. Also, you will come to know what are the reasons why you can’t get orders.

Important Factors To Get Sale: 

How to Promote Sales on Amazon
Important Factors

There are many factors that are responsible to get sales from the customer on Amazon. These factors are-

  • Buyer Needs
  • Product Visibility
  • Catalog Quality
  • Price & Offers

So, we will discuss these points one by one. 

There are various types of products. You need to find out whether the product you are selling is needed by the customer or not, and whether your product is in trend or not. 

1] Buyer Need:

> When your product is in trend and the demand from customers is high, in such a situation you do not need to spend more money on advertising and promotion. And you will get customers organically.

> But sometimes some products become outdated and the demand for that product in the market is very less. In such a situation, some other product takes the place of the old product.

> But your product is new, you are launching it for the first time, then you need to do marketing among customers for awareness of that product.

So, need is a very important factor. It depends on the customer’s need whether you will get orders or not.

2] Product Visibility:

Your product must be visible to customers and it should rank on the 1st or 2nd page when customer search for it.

You can improve your Product Visibility by these methods:

> Product Keywords

> Product Title

> Product Description

> Listing Product in Right Category

> You can place a lightning deal on your product so that it will appear in the Offers section.

> Give Discount Coupons on your product so that it will visible in the Coupons section.

3] Listing Quality:

> When a customer searches for a particular product, he sees many other products along with your product. In such a situation, your product should look attractive.

> The first thing the customer sees is the image and title of your product. Your product image should be clear & catchy. And it should stand out from your competitors.

> Mention all Product Details in the description. Such as Quality, Size, Weight, Dimension, Images captured from different angles, Warranty & Replacement policy, etc. 

> Let there be no doubt in the mind of the customer.

4] Product Reviews:

> When you sell 5 – 10 units of your product, then you should contact the customer via Amazon message and request the customer for Feedback (Review).

> Because most of the customers read the review first and then they Purchase.

5] Price & Offers:

> Choose your price wisely.

> The price of your product should neither be too high nor too low. 

> Maximum people tend to purchase Medium-Range products.

> You can use Discount & Offers on your product instead of Price.

> You can boost your orders with lightning deals and cost-cutting sales.

6] Master Tip:

Prime Tag

All the things mentioned above are important to promote your sales on amazon and you have to do this. But apart from this, there is one more thing where you have to focus. 

This is the Master Tip and if you followed it, you will definitely get orders.

As you know, on the Flipkart seller dashboard there are different levels such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold sellers get more visibility and orders than Silver & Bronze.

Amazon does not have such levels, instead, it has a Prime Tag. If you have Prime Tag on your products, automatically it gets more visibility.

Benefits of Prime Tag:

> Product visibility increases by 40% to 50%.

> Products are eligible for deals.

> Your products will be delivered fast to your customers.

How To Get Prime Tag:

a] If your products are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), means your products are kept in Amazon Warehouse and their Packaging & Delivery will be done by Amazon.

Then you are eligible for Prime Tag.

What are FBA, Easyship, and Self delivery methods in Amazon?

b] In Easyship you have to Pack & Dispatch your own products and Amazon will pick these products from you.

For getting Prime Tag, you have to dispatch your product on the same day when the order is received for consecutive 30 days, without any cancellation. 

If you follow this method, you will get Prime Tag on your products. After that, your product visibility and order will increase.

So these are some tips and tricks on how to promote sales on Amazon. Hope you like this information. 

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