Deepstash App Review

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In this article, I am going to discuss the Deepstash application. This is an app where you can consume informative content in short words and in less time. There are lots of categories in this app, select the sections that you like and read. Be the smart in the room by using Deepstash. Let’s explore more features of the Deepstash app.

Key Features of Deepstash

  • Best source to consume content in bite pieces and in less time.
  • There are Books, Podcasts, and Video sections available covering wide topics such as Motivation, Fitness, AI, Technology, Personality Development, Habits, and much more.
  • One of the important benefits of the app is that it will reduce your time spent on social media instead you can learn new things here. So that you will be habitual to reading and eventually increasing your productivity.
  • The user interface of this app is very neat and clean which will attract and hold users to spend time on the Deepstash app.
  • This app provides quality information in very short words without consuming much time.
  • The daily streak feature of this app reminds you to use the app by sending you notifications of newly released content.
  • This app is available for paid as well as for free members.

What You Will Get in Pro

  • Personalized Learning: You will get tailored recommendations from all 50+ topics.
  • Unlimited Learning Journeys: This means you can continue reading unlimited journeys.
  • Save Unlimited Ideas: You can save unlimited ideas.
  • Read Later: Finding something cool with no time for it now? Save it for later.
  • Remove All Ads: No space for distractions.
  • No Internet? No Problem: You can download your Ideas so you can keep learning if there is no internet or you are in remote areas.
  • Listening to Ideas: Just press play and put your phone in your pocket.
  • Profile Badge: Make your contribution visible & give your profile a shiny badge to stand out.
  • Extra Streak Freezes: Get extra freezes so you can keep your streak for longer.
  • According to this app, Pro members are 4.3x more likely to keep their reading habits!

Note – This is not a sponsored post. I am only revealing the Pro features of this app. Joining the Pro version is up to you.

Where this App can be Improved

The Daily streak feature is quite irritating. Other than this I am not seeing any other drawbacks currently of the Deepstash app. If you’re facing any type of issue or want improvements please write down your thoughts in the comment box below.

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